Club Projects

Many people ask this question when they first hear about Civitan International, and the answer can be different wherever you are. Civitan has a focus on helping people with developmental disabilities, and funding research into illnesses of the human brain at the Civitan International Research Center, but local clubs do so much more.

Each Civitan club is different, but they all have one thing in common: Civitans help people, and have fun doing it..

  • Civitan International Research Center
  • Mauldin High
    • Sponsor a special needs class
  • Miracle League
    • Partner with Greenville to Sponsor opening day celebration
  • Clergy Appreciation Day
    • Honor local clergy
  • Park Exercise Site
    • Sponsor an exercise site at Sunset Park
  • Club Christmas Social
  • Ronald McDonald House


  • Candy/Coin Boxes
  • Claxton Fruitcakes